Thermoelectric Vacuum Chuck Equipment

PN0254 is used to hold and heat/cool devices under test. It includes a thermoelectric vacuum chuck thermoelectric controller, vacuum controller, and a liquid heat exchanger.

Applications (see overview)
  • Controlled Temperature Testing

  • Lens Focusing

  • Creating Emissivity Tables

  • Picture Overlay

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  • Small components and devices can be heated or cooled to precise temperatures during testing to simulate operation in various ambient temperature environments.

  • Many electronic devices are comprised of different materials having different emissivity.  By heating a device above ambient temperature, emissivity differences create thermal image contrast that can help when focusing the thermal camera lens. 

  • Devices are controlled to a precise and stable temperature when calculating emissivity tables (see Thermalyze HTML Help).

  • Picture overlay involves merging a picture, graphic, or drawing of a device with its thermal image to locate thermal gradients and hot spots.  A thermal image of a heated device can also be used as the graphic in picture overlay.

How It Works

Depending on the direction of electrical current applied to its leads, the thermoelectric module can transfer heat in either of two directions.  It can either cool the top plate by drawing heat away from the plate and transferring it to the heat sink or heat the top plate by drawing heat away from the heat sink and transferring it to the top plate.  An RTD temperature sensor inserted into the top plate provides temperature feedback to the controller.

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