Cable Chain Installation

The cable chain organizes cables connected to system components that move with linear stage carriages.

Open a closed link by inserting a slotted screwdriver into the back side of the link and then twist to open.

Close an open link by pressing the link closed until it snaps.

  1. Include the following items in the cable chain:

    1. Cable sleeve containing the IS640-17 and PN0293 cables.

    2. Cable sleeve containing the PN0251 X stage motor and limit switch cables.

    3. Cable sleeve containing the PN0403 Y stage motor and limit switch cables.

    4. Cable sleeve containing the PN0261 Y stage motor and limit switch cables.

    5. PN0293 LED Ring Light cord.

  2. Insert the cable sleeve, starting at the bottom of the chain, so that they follow the chain upward, through the U-turn, and exits the chain downward (see Figure 2).

  3. To position cables in the chain while inserting additional cables, temporarily close the link at the top of the U-turn.

Cable Strain Test: After all cables have been inserted in the cable chain, linear stages must be tested slowly for full range of movement.  If there is any cable strain or pinching, cable position must be adjusted in the cable chain.

Figure 1: IS640-17 cable sleeve

Figure 2: PN0403 Y stage cables, PN0261 Y stage cables, and PN0293 LED ring light cord