LWIR Thermal Imaging Microscope

Up until now, only MWIR cameras could offer microscopic temperature distributions with pixel resolutions under 10µm, but at a steep price.  Released in 2024, Micros is the low-cost thermal imaging microscope that changes that.  View and analyze microscopic temperature distributions on devices with features down to 3µm in size.  Use Micros in fields such as electronics, MEMS, medical, and materials. 

Optotherm's "systems" are turnkey solutions, in that we provide components such as linear stages, brackets, breadboards, enclosures, etc. to produce a full analysis system.  The base Micros "system" includes the camera, desired lenses, camera positioning system, and software.  Optional components can be added for additional functionality.

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LW320-12 Lenses

Lens Specifications

Micros is compatible with a 10µm, 5µm, and 3µm Lens.

10µm 5µm 3µm
Sensitivity <50mk 
Working distance
Numerical aperture
Focal length

Field of View

3.2 x 2.4mm

1.6 x 1.2mm

0.96 x 0.72mm

LW320-12 Camera

At the core of every Micros system is Optotherm's LW320-12 (7-14 microns) Camera.

LW320-12 Camera and Lenses
Micros Desktop Configuration

Camera Positioning Systems

A Micros system includes a Z axis linear stage, controller, breadboard, and all mounting hardware. A desktop configuration is also available for applications that require a portable and compact option.