Software License File

Starting with Thermalyze version, a software license file is required to run Thermalyze, unlock specific software features and operating modes, and capture thermal images from a IS640-17 camera.

The default software license file is stored in C:\Program Files\Optotherm\Thermalyze\License. If you lose the license file, please contact Optotherm.

License File Installation
  1. Close Thermalyze.

  2. Insert the USB thumb drive or download the file using the link provided by Optotherm.

  3. If necessary, unzip the folder using the 7-Zip File Archiver utility. 

  4. Open the License folder and copy the file named License.olic to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Optotherm\Thermalyze\License.

    If a License folder does not exist, create one. Note: license files are only used by Thermalyze version and newer.

  5. Thermalyze will now run using the license file.