Camera Link Board

This step is required only for IS640 camera link cameras. The Camera Link board is a circuit board with PCIe x1 connector that must be installed in one of the available half-length PCIe slots of your computer.  Follow the procedure below to install the board.

Hardware Preinstall: The Camera Link board should be installed in the computer prior to installing the board drivers.

ESD Damage: Static electricity can damage the board.  Before handling the board, ground yourself by touching the computer metal back panel.

Install Precaution: Some x16 PCIe slots have a connector with a retainer at the end of the slot.  When installing the board in a x16 PCIe slot, special care must be taken to avoid contacting the retainer latch.  To avoid contacting the latch, do not tilt the board during installation or removal.  Alternatively, remove the latch from the retainer.

Camera Link Board Installation

  1. Shut down the computer and disconnect the computer power cord.  

  2. Remove the computer case cover.

  3. Locate an available half-length PCIe x1 (or larger) slot and remove the blank metal slot cover.

  4. Gently insert the board into the slot and make sure that the board is seated properly.

  5. Replace the computer case cover.

  6. Connect the computer power cord.