Camera Calibration Data

Thermal imaging cameras are calibrated with each lens at Optotherm. This calibration data is required to provide radiometric images.

Note: Calibration data is stored in C:\Program Files\Optotherm\Thermalyze\Calibration. If you lose the calibration files, please contact Optotherm.

Calibration Data Installation
  1. Close Thermalyze.

  2. Download and unzip the folder provided by Optotherm, if applicable.

  3. Copy all contents of the Calibration folder to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Optotherm\Thermalyze\Calibration.

  4. Within the Calibration Data folder there is a folder named Lens Calibration. Copy the folder named Lens Calibration to the directory: C:\Optotherm\Thermalyze.

    IS160, IS320, and some IS640 cameras do not require a Lens Calibration folder.