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Device Probing Equipment
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0258
Circuit Board XYZ Spring Probe Set
-Set of 2 XYZ spring probes, fully adjustable to all angles
-Fine and course adjustments
-Tulip and spear head test probes
3,200.00 3200.0 USD
Thermal Training Test Chip
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0308
Device Probing Platform
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0334
Device Flip Probing Platform
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0335
1,800.00 1800.0 USD
Flip Platform Device Clamp
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0715
680.00 680.0 USD
Flip Platform Device Window
Product Information: https://www.optotherm.com/pn0746
1,075.00 1075.0 USD
Circuit Board Flip Fixture
Product Information: