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The following error message appeared upon launching Thermalyze:

Access to the path "C:\Optotherm" is denied.
at System.IO._Error.WinIOError(int32 errorCode. String maybeFullPath
atSystem.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectory(String full Path. String path. Object drSecurityObj. Boolean checkHost)at System.IO.Directory.internalCreateDirectoryHelperString path. Boolean checkHost)
at Thermalyze.nuUtility.uUtility. MakeSureDirectoryExists(String directory_)
Best Answer

This issue may be caused by a windows update that changed permissions to the AppData folder. Please Try the following:

    1. Open Windows Explorer.
    2. Go to the Following directory: C:\users\[*username]\AppData\
    3. Right Click on the folder Roaming.
    4. Select Properties.
    5. Go to the Security Tab.
    6. Make sure that user has full permissions to the directory.
    7. Launch Thermalyze.


    If the error message persists, please contact us.


    The problem was resolved by the customer first formatting the C drive, then reinstalling Windows and Thermalyze with its required software.