Electronics Failure Analysis

Innovative tools to help you isolate faults
on integrated circuits, packages,
and circuit board assemblies
-The smart choice for failure analysis engineers

Electronics Failure Analysis

thermal image of lock-in thermography


Thermal Emission Microscope for Semiconductor Device Fault Isolation

Detect and locate faults on semiconductor devices including shorts circuits, latch-up sites, gate oxide breakdown, leakage current, and die attach problems.  Perform sophisticated device temperature analysis.

thermal image of MEMS temperature analysis


Thermal Imaging Microscope for Microscopic Temperature Analysis

Measure the temperature distribution over the surface of micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), electro-optical devices, and miniature medical devices.

thermal image of motherboard failure analysis


Thermal Emission System for Circuit Board Troubleshooting

Detect thermal patterns on circuit board assemblies and isolate defects such as short circuits, defective ICs, and stressed components.

Human Fever Screening

picture of human fever screening


Infrared Imaging System for Human Fever Screening

Screen large groups of individuals discreetly and effectively.  Currently used in hospitals, airports, seaports, health departments, and corporate buildings.  This product is currently for export only.

About Optotherm

Optotherm is an innovative designer and manufacturer of thermal imaging systems for electronics failure analysis, microscopic thermal analysis, and human fever screening.  Our thermal imaging cameras are produced and calibrated onsite to assure the highest quality and performance.

We design our microscopic infrared camera lenses for optimized spatial resolution, measurement sensitivity, and working distance.  All system software is developed in-house, providing a modern and intuitive user interface while maintaining tight integration with our cameras and accessories.

Developed around long-wavelength infrared camera technology, Optotherm systems offer a cost-effective alternative to competing mid-wavelength defect analysis products.  Feature-rich software provides a wide range of analysis capabilites and bench-top configuration promotes easy integration with external test equipment.

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