Sentris System Enclosure 600


The anodized aluminum frame test enclosure (see Figure 1) provides a stable environment for improved test sensitivity by blocking the thermal noise emitted by the ambient environment and blocking air currents generated by heating and air conditioning vents.

  • Lock-in Thermography testing

  • Thermal Model Comparison testing

  • Semiconductor junction temperature measurement

  • Low noise thermal analysis

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  • Supports the 600 x 600 mm mounting table.

  • Transparent front, back, side, and top ESD polycarbonate panels allow a clear view from all sides.

  • Side cable slots (60cm width x 5cm height) enable easy test setup.

  • An exhaust fan (12VDC) removes heat from electronics (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz).

  • Dimensions are 70 W x 74 D x 106 cm H.

  • Includes ESD wrist strap grounding system.

Included Components

  • Clear anodized aluminum frame enclosure blocks ambient thermal noise and air currents for high test sensitivity

  • 70 cm (W) x 74 cm (D) x 106 cm (H)

  • Transparent ESD polycarbonate panel doors on four sides

  • 60 cm W x 7 cm H cable slots

  • Exhaust fan

  • LED bar light with brightness control

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Grounding the Enclosure

The mounting table and all test enclosure frame and door aluminum profiles are electrically connected for grounding safety.  When setting up the enclosure, make sure it is properly grounded.  

Grounding Instructions

A grounding cable is electrically connected to the enclosure aluminum frame.  Plug grounding cable into a grounded electrical outlet.

Figure 1: Grounding the mounting table

Figure 2: Grounding plug in electrical outlet


Operator Grounding

To prevent damage to sensitive electrical components while handling electronic devices, operators should always wear anti-static wrist bands to prevent electrostatic discharge.  Plug the wrist band cord into the grounding receptacle on the mounting table (see Figure 2.4.1).  

Caution: The grounding receptacle is grounded only if the mounting table is properly grounded. 

Figure 1: Operator grounding

Exhaust Fan

Turn the fan on when performing tests.  The fan removes heat buildup in the enclosure originating from the Thermoelectric Vacuum Stage and from operating devices.