Thermalyze utilizes the Matrox image processing library to perform complex processing on thermal images.

The Matrox installation includes installation of the following:

  1. Image processing software

  2. Camera Link board drivers

  3. Matrox MIL

Matrox Image Processing Software and Board Driver Installation

  1. Close any applications that may be running.

  2. Download Matrox Setup and unzip using the 7-Zip File Archiver utility.

  3. Open the folder named Matrox Setup ver… and double-click MIL64Setup.exe.

    Note: Double-click the application, not the windows installer package that has the same name.

  4. When the Matrox Imaging Setup: Matrox Imaging Library components window opens, click Next.

  5. When the Matrox Imaging Setup: Select the board driver(s) window opens check the Matrox Solios and USB3 boxes. 

    Note: If performing Thermalyze Offline Installation, uncheck all boxes

  6. Click Next.

  7. When the Matrox Imaging Setup window opens, read the license agreement, and then click I AGREE.

  8. When the Matrox Imaging Default Settings window opens, make sure the Install DirectX-based display service box is checked and click Next.

  9. While the installation proceeds, if one or more windows opens asking Would you like to install this device software?, click Install.

  10. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click Finish.

Important: If performing Thermalyze Offline Installation, stop here. Do not perform Matrox MIL Licensing.

Matrox MIL Licensing

After Matrox has been installed for the first time on a specific computer, it is necessary to license the software according to the following instructions.

Generate Lock Code
  1. In the Windows search box enter “milconfig” and then press Enter to open the MILConfig window.

  2. Expand Licensing and select Generate.

  3. In the Additional Licenses to Package frame, check the Image Analysis, Compression/Decompression, and Interface boxes.

  4. In the bottom right corner of the window click Generate.

  5. Copy the text in the Lock Code box.

  6. Email the Lock Code to  An Optotherm support engineer will generate a License Code and send it to you in a reply to your email.

Activate License
  1. In the Windows search box enter “milconfig” and then press Enter to open the MILConfig window.

  2. Expand the Licensing folder and select Activate.

  3. Copy the License Code into the License Key box and then click Activat .

  4. Close the MILConfig window.