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NI Visa


The NI VISA (National Instrument - Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) API provides a programming interface to control USB instrumentation including Keithley SMU instruments.  NI VISA enables Thermalyze software to communicate with and control Keithley SMU instruments. Follow the procedure below to install NI VISA.

NI-VISA Software Installation

  1. Close any applications that may be running.

  2. Download NI VISA Setup and unzip using the 7-Zip File Archiver utility.

  3. Open the folder named NI VISA Setup ver… and double-click Install.exe.

  4. When asked “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”, click [Yes].

  5. Accept the license agreements when prompted.

  6. If displayed “Warning – Please Disable Windows Fast Startup”, click [Next].

  7. When displayed “Review the following summary before continuing”, click [Next].

  8. When displayed “Additional items you may wish to install:”, uncheck all boxes except for NI-VISA .NET Runtime, and then click [Next].

  9. Accept the license agreements when prompted.

  10. When displayed “Important: LabVIEW NSG Support”, click [Next].

  11. When displayed “Review the following summary before continuing.”, click [Next].

  12. When the “NI Update Service” window opens, click [No].

  13. When displayed “National Instruments Customer Experience Improvement Program Settings”, select [No] and click [Next].

  14. Reboot when prompted.