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Thermal Imaging System for Human Fever Screening

Screening Site Example

A Thermoscreen system is placed at the entrance of a hospital to screen patients and visitors upon entering the building (see figure below). When operating in Automated Screening Mode that requires each individual to stop briefly to be screened, a single Thermoscreen station can effectively screen up to 1,200 subjects per hour.

Screening Area Setup

The screening area is climate controlled; the temperature varies from 20 to 24°C (68 to 75.2°F), and the relative humidity is approximately 70%. The screening area has diffuse ambient daylight and fluorescent lighting. The screening area is located far enough interior to minimize outside air striking the camera or screening aone that enters the building through the entrance doors.

As subjects enter the building, waist-high stanchions are setup to channel and direct them into a single file line. The screening line mat is placed 2m (6’ 6” feet) away from the camera for subjects to stand on while being screened. At this screening distance, the screening zone is 195cm (6’ 5”) horizontally. The camera is aimed and focused in order to screen subjects with height from 61 to 207cm (2’ to 6’ 9”). Any individuals taller than 6’ 9” are instructed to bend down so that their faces are in the camera’s field-of-view.

Operator Training

A hands-on training session should be conducted by the purchaser to properly train all operators. Operators are trained to operate the Thermalyze software and to adjust the camera’s aim. The Thermoscreen User Manual is kept on hand at the screening station for operator reference. The screening station logbook (not provided) is used by operators to record Thermoscreen usage and personnel on duty.

The Screening Process

Each subject is screened individually. Subjects are notified to “remove eyeglasses” (contact lenses do not need to be removed) and to “stand still and look at the camera”. Subjects can be notified verbally by the operator or by using signs positioned along the line.

The Thermoscreen System detects each subject’s face as they enter the screening zone and issues a verbal command through the computer speakers to "please stand still and look directly at the camera." After verifying that the subject is standing still and facing the camera, the screening measurement is automatically conducted and the screening result is displayed. In the case of a fever threshold violation, the audible command to "please wait here for an attendant" is issued. If screening result = Pass, "thank you, you may proceed” is issued.

Operator 1 operates the Thermoscreen system, examines the Thermal and Visual Images of subjects, and confirms Fever threshold violations. Operator 2 directs subjects into and out of the screening zone and also directs subjects whose facial skin temperature exceeds the skin threshold to the nurse station for further evaluation. If subjects are queued in line properly, screening each subject requires approximately three seconds.

Note: When screening throughput is low, a single operator can perform the tasks of both operator 1 and 2.

This product is currently for export only. Optotherm is currently undergoing the US FDA Premarket Notification (510k) submission process for medical devices. As soon as Thermoscreen has been cleared, this product will be available for purchase in the US.

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