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Thermal Imaging System for Human Fever Screening

System Operation

Automated Screening

Our patent-pending automated screening process simplifies the screening process, reduces the demands on operators, and improves screening measurement accuracy. Thermoscreen detects when a subject’s face is in view and then issues audible instructions through the computer speakers to “please stand still and look directly at the camera” . A large TESTING button illuminates on the computer screen to indicate that an individual is currently being evaluated.

After verifying that the subject is facing the camera and standing still, Thermoscreen performs the screening measurement and then audibly issues the results. Subjects with elevated skin temperature are instructed to “please wait here for an attendant” and passing subjects are instructed “thank you, you may proceed”. You can even create custom messages for your specific screening application and language.


Highest Screening Accuracy

One of the most important benefits of automated screening is improved measurement accuracy. Because individuals are required to stand still and face the camera while being screened, more accurate and consistent measurements can be performed that more closely correlate with internal body temperature.

Automatic Compensation

Another important benefit of automated screening is automatic compensation. There are a number of factors that can affect screening measurement accuracy and effectiveness such as variations in ambient temperature and circadian cycle affects (internal body temperature generally increases during the day and decreases throughout the night). Thermoscreen compensates for these factors during operation by performing a statistical analysis of previous screening results.

Verbal Commands

Because Thermoscreen issues audible commands to instruct individuals during the screening process, operators are able to focus more attention on processing violations and line control. In fact, if screening stations are designed properly, a single operator is able to monitor multiple screening stations simultaneously.

Screening Station Design

Individuals to be screened should be channeled into a single file line. This arrangement allows the operator to more easily direct and control the flow of traffic so that potentially feverish individuals can be quickly redirected to an area where they can be further evaluated. The path of pedestrians must be designed so that subjects can be quickly and easily removed so as not to obstruct the flow into and out of the screening zone. When Thermoscreen is to be used in combination with other screening devices such as metal detectors, it is important to consider these additional screening systems during the initial planning phase and to recognize areas of potential bottlenecks. Each screening violation should be confirmed using a clinical thermometer and medical evaluation. Any cases of confirmed fever should be handled according to established medical protocols.

This product is currently for export only. Optotherm is currently undergoing the US FDA Premarket Notification (510k) submission process for medical devices. As soon as Thermoscreen has been cleared, this product will be available for purchase in the US.

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