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Thermal Imaging System for Human Fever Screening


Optotherm's patent-pending technology provides the most accurate method of mass screening for elevated facial skin temperatures that may indicate a fever. Because it is both fast and noninvasive, Thermoscreen is the best way to safeguard areas with high pedestrian flow.

Thermoscreen was originally developed in response to the need to screen large numbers of individuals for potential fever during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Thermoscreen scans subjects without contact from a distance, providing a discreet and safe method of detecting potentially feverish individuals. Over 1,000 individuals can be screened per hour so as not to restrict pedestrian flow. Thermoscreen is sold as a complete, fully tested system including a computer with preinstalled hardware and software.

Highest Sensitivity and Specificity

The effectivenss of Thermoscreen has been studied and confirmed in the following clinical studies by the U.S. Center of Disease Control and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha.

Lowest Rate of Missed Detections and False Positives

Thermoscreen's sophisticated measurement process involves precision calibration, face and movement detection, ambient temperature compensation, and subject group compensation. Together, these unique features provide unparalleled ability to reduce the number of missed detectons and false violations. A low false violation rate allows Thermoscreen to be employed in applications where a high number of false positives are unable to be effectively processed.

This product is currently for export only. Optotherm is currently undergoing the US FDA Premarket Notification (510k) submission process for medical devices. As soon as Thermoscreen has been cleared, this product will be available for purchase in the US.

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