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Thermal Imaging System for Human Fever Screening

Competitive Advantages

Highest Accuracy

Thermoscreen is designed to be intrinsically accurate; a reference calibration source is not required during operation. Each Thermoscreen system undergoes an extensive calibration process. During operation, software algorithms provide real-time compensation for environmental variables that can affect screening results. Furthermore, Thermoscreen hardware is designed to prevent unwanted radiant energy from affecting screening measurements.

Many competing fever screening systems require a reference calibration source to be placed within view of the camera during operation to correct for camera inaccuracy. The use of an external reference source adds complexity, increases setup time, decreases portability, and places restrictions on the areas in which the system can be operated. In addition, the use of a reference source can lead to significant instability and measurement errors if misalignment occurs between the camera and source or if environmental factors cause the source temperature to drift during operation.

Integrated Visual Camera

A visual camera is mounted inside the camera enclosure next to the infrared camera to provide continuous visual images of subjects as they pass through the screening zone. Real-time video enables operators to quickly identify subjects as they are being screened. Highlighted areas and temperature values on the thermal image are transferred to the visual image so that operators can quickly process screening results.

Automated Screening Mode

Automated screening mode provides the most accurate and effective method of mass fever screening. Thermoscreen guides subjects through the screening process by issuing verbal commands, thus reducing the demands on operators, allowing them to focus their attention on processing fever violations. During the screening process, individuals are required to stand still to prevent image blur from degrading measurement accuracy. Important: Subject movement can reduce a subject’s measured temperature by more than 3°C (5.4°F), resulting in ineffective screening measurements.

Because the facial skin temperature that indicates a fever can vary depending on time of day and other factors affecting specific subject groups, individuals are evaluated based on the screening measurements of previously screened subjects, not on a fixed temperature threshold. Evaluating subjects in this manner results in a screening process that minimizes missed detections and false violations.

Complete System

Thermoscreen is a complete system including radiometric infrared Camera, integrated Visual Camera, fever screening Software, computer, and Mobile Computer Stand. All software is pre-installed and each system is fully tested prior to shipment.

This product is currently for export only. Optotherm is currently undergoing the US FDA Premarket Notification (510k) submission process for medical devices. As soon as Thermoscreen has been cleared, this product will be available for purchase in the US.

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