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Device Probing Package

The device probing package includes the following items required for making electrical contact with bare semiconductor pads and device package leads:

Probing Platform

The probing platform provides a sturdy base on which to probe and power IC devices and die. The platform is manufactured from magnetic 410 stainless steel and is ground to a smooth, flat surface for use with magnetic probe positioners.

Probe Positioners

Probe positioners enable precise positioning of needle probes onto semiconductor pads. Each positioner has a magnetic base and can be adjusted in the x, y, and z directions with +/- 7.5mm movement along each axis. The test arm can swivel and be adjusted in the z direction using a thumbscrew. The needle probe position on the test arm can also be adjusted using a thumbscrew. A wire lead with gold-plated contact pin is used to make electrical connection to the needle probe.

Note: Probe positioners are offered in both left and right hand versions. The right hand version is shown on the right.

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