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Supporting Components

Camera and Device Mounting Package

The camera and device mounting package includes the following items for mounting and positioning the Infrasight IS640 camera and devices under test:

Mounting Table

The mounting table provides a sturdy platform on which to perform sensitive thermal analysis tests. The table is 45 x 45 x 5.6cm and has a grid of 17 x 17 M6 threaded holes on 25mm centers for mounting additional test equipment and fixtures. Includes vibration isolation feet and table grounding cable with plug.

Vertical Focusing Stage

The vertical stage is 43.8cm tall and provides smooth and precise manual vertical positioning of the infrared camera. A precision lead screw moves the camera vertically 2mm for every rotation of the micrometer dial. Each small increment on the dial moves the camera vertically 0.010mm (10μm). An aluminum alloy dovetail slider provides excellent travel straightness, wear resistance, and requires no lubrication. Using the side ruler and micrometer dial, the camera can quickly and easily be repositioned to previous locations. A locking thumbscrew enables users to lock the lead screw in place to prevent camera movement during testing.

XY Positioning Stage

The XY stage enables small devices to be precisely moved and positioned within the camera’s field of view. Crossed-roller bearings offer superior straightness of travel and can bear heavy loads. The stage platform is 120 x 120mm and has M6 threaded mounting holes spaced 25mm apart for mounting Micro accessories and test equipment. Using the x and y micrometer dials, the stage can be precisely positioned. Each increment on the micrometer dials moves the stage 0.010mm (10μm). Thumb screws allow the stage to be locked to in one or both of the x and y directions to prevent device movement during testing.

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