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Thermalyze Thermal Image Analysis Software

Applications Programming Interface (API)

Note: The Software Development Kit is an optional item

The Thermalyze API is a set of functions that can be called from your custom program that is written in a programming language such as Visual Basic or C#. These functions enable you to startup Thermalyze, operate the software, and return images and data from Thermalyze to your program for additional processing and analysis.

The API functions were designed to operate the software in the same manner as when a user operates the Thermalyze program. For example, functions that change program settings located in a specific Thermalyze window require that the window is open while making the change. As a specific example, to call the API function SetImageAveraging to change the number of images to average, the Image Processing window must first be opened by calling the API function OpenImageProcessingWindow. Similarly, a setting cannot be altered using an SDK function if the setting is invisible or disabled within Thermalyze.

Consistency in operation between the Thermalyze program and the API functions makes your custom program easier to develop and troubleshoot. After calling an SDK function in your program, you can quickly verify correct operation by viewing the Thermalyze program window.

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