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Infrasight IS640


The new Infrasight IS640 radiometric infrared camera is designed for applications requiring high sensitivity, resolution and accuracy. We developed the IS640 based on new Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer technology with 17μm detector pitch to provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Higher detector array resolution of 640x480 increases field-of-view.  Improved 60 Hz image capture rate provides blur-free imaging, improving transient thermal analysis,and increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of Lock-in Thermography tests. A solid anodized aluminum chassis improves thermal uniformity within the camera detector, optics and electronics facilitating optimum calibration accuracy over the ambient temperature operating range.

Comprehensive Calibration

Each Infrasight camera undergoes a rigorous calibration procedure over the course of several days to precisely correlate detector response to temperature measurement. Each lens is calibrated while installed on the camera, resulting in unsurpassed accuracy and measurement uniformity across the entire field-of-view.

Precision Optics

We developed a full suite of infrared lenses for the IS640 enabling both microscopic and macroscopic temperature measurement. Lenses are manufactured from Germanium and Zinc Selenide with anti-reflective coating for maximum transmission in the long wave infrared region. Each lens was designed for maximum sensitivity, long working distance, and with minimum distortion for clear, precise imaging. We also developed a new bayonet-style mechanical interface enabling quick lens attachment and removal while maximizing thermal uniformity between the lens and camera body to maintain the highest measurement accuracy.

Reliable, High Speed Data Transfer

Only one cable is required to connect the IS640 to your computer. Radiometric image data is transferred from the IS640 to computer by way of a PCIe Camera Link video board. Camera Link is a high-speed serial digital bus designed specifically for machine vision cameras and offers the highest stability and throughput of any camera bus. Image data is transferred to computer memory using DMA channels that do not burden the computer’s CPU. This is essential due to the high demands placed on the CPU in processing and analyzing thermal image data. The camera is powered via Power over Camera Link (PoCL), eliminating the need for additional power supplies and cords. Also, the video board includes a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) providing reliable camera control via serial communication between the IS640 and computer.

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